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Using the LED Ribbon as Filigree Trimming 

Sewing on top of clothing - Tips & Tricks

To say thank you to Maria Cavali for the lovely shooting of our Libet LED Bag collection and LED Ribbon, Anina Net has sewed the ribbon on top of a dress she liked.

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Anina sewed in loops by hand in order to keep the ribbon in place, but not pierced through in case it should be cut out, it would be easy to do and not damage the dress.

It is looking in the day time as filigree from soldering and metalsmitthing. - Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network.

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In this way, because the dress is stretch, the LED Ribbon can slide along the loops, minimising the pull on the stiffer ribbon.

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When I design the lighting pattern, I first start with the lights not in a straight line, rather like stardust and then lead into a line or tail, like a commet. - Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network

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The button should illuminate and if Anina had a diamond she would have put it on top.

To know more about the LED Ribbon, please click here:

Using the LED Ribbon, such as is in the 360Fash Tech Kit, Motion Kit, you can also use this method to create more complex lighting patterns according to your Movements with our easy to use, visual programming interface.

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