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360Fashion & Tech "Fashion Tech Day Amsterdam" hosted by Makerversity & presented by Fashion Technology Lab

A full day of fashion & technology during Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Presented by the Fashion Technology Lab and hosted at Makerversity, The 360Fashion & Tech "Fashion Tech Day Amsterdam" during Amsterdam Fashion Week, was a success in bringing the community together for a day of smart fashion, technology demo's, speeches, and workshops.

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Showcasing some of the top works from the Fashion Technology Lab in Amsterdam were not only physical works but also VR and Augmented Reality fashion projects. Music reactive fashion, virtual try on fashion collection, and subversive virtual fashion environments were some of the works which stood out.

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The #RoboticDress Workshop was a success, as the participants first had an overview of visual programming, then were able to program their first servo motors, and then were lead through the Robotic Dress Kit and how to change the program or write a simple one from scratch.

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Anina Net gave an introduction to visual programming demo and showed how to build a simple LED Ribbon program pattern and explained how the 360Fash Tech Kits work. Smashingly successful event

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