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Now everyone can make a Chanel LED Bag #DataCenterChanel


Paris, France - This Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld working for Chanel launched at his Chanel #DataCenterChanel 2017 fashion show, LED Bags with moving lights and beautiful design. Now everyone can make their own LED Bag, thanks to the 360Fash Tech "LED Bag" Kit.

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RFactory also worked on making a LED Bag using our kits. They were able to create this round shape because the kit contains a flexible LED Board which is programmable using our Visual Programming software powered by Intel Curie.

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RFactory debuted the LED Bag at the IBM - 360Fashion & Tech "Startup Runway & Innovation Awards" in 2015 in San Francisco, California with rave reviews. Model shown here having just turned on the bag and walking down the catwalk in the "Wearable Tech" scene of the Startup Runway show.

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Included in the 360Fash Tech "LED Bag" Kit is a controller powered by Intel Curie, flexible LED panel, battery, and extension cables so that users can elongate the connection between the battery, LED Board, and controller.

Users can then use the Visual Programming software to create lighting patterns, interactivity with bluetooth (included in the Intel Curie board), and design a unique shape and style. Should designers need manufacturing, we have created cooperations with Chinese manufacturers willing to work with technology and produce in small quantities for much more reasonable pricing than the Chanel Data Center Collection LED Bags due out in 2017.

Be sure to sign up to be notified of our crowdfunding campaign or order a special edition evaluation kit online at our shop and work with us to give us feedback to make our fashion tech maker kits better.

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