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How to use the LED Ribbon

By Rosemarie Soma

We are really pleased to introduce Rosemarie Soma's tutorial video on how to use the LED Ribbon!


In this step-by-step video you will learn how to change the battery, cut the LED Ribbon, sew it, and turn on the lights in five modes. Rosemarie Soma walks you through every step and even gives you some examples of what you can do with the LED Ribbon.

When interviewed on Queen of Raw about the future of fashion, Rosemarie's thoughts drifted into solar powered LED Ribbon. Rosemarie is really into creating with up-cycled clothing, having recently shown her first collection at university.

Working with 360Fashion Network's LED RIBBONS she created one-of-a-kind backpacks and statement necklaces, as well as tutorials to help other designers create tech enabled products. When we asked her about her ideas for the future of solar powered fashion she said:

What if the LED ribbon was powered by the sun, so our garments would charge when we were outside and then light up indoors? In a fashion technology interview I just watched, someone mentioned a dress that would heat up so you didn’t have to wear a jacket, much like an electric blanket. I wonder if that could be solar powered as well, with tiny solar panels as beads or embellishments along the shoulders. It could look really cool! 

LED Ribbon Backpack by Rosemarie Soma

Rosemarie Soma has gone on to create other tutorials and projects using the LED Ribbon such as adding it to a backpack for safe riding of bikes after dark - not to mention festival fun!

LED Ribbon Necklace by Rosemarie Soma

She also created a LED Jeweled necklace using the LED Ribbon and turned it into a tutorial. The effect of the light being diffused through the glass beads is stunning at dusk and the piece still stands up as a signature piece during the day.

Adding LED Ribbon to a jacket by Rosemarie Soma

Rosemarie Soma also takes the time in her vinyl jacket video to teach how to insert the LED Ribbon into trim and add it to jackets. This is great for biking, fashion, or festival season.

We love how Rosemarie Soma has incorporated the LED Ribbon into her DIY Up-cycling projects.