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What is "Visual Programming"?

A quick start guide to using our 360Fash Tech Kit software

Our 360Fash Tech Kits come with their own software that allows you to control the kit using our visual programming software. Fashion designers, creatives, and mad scientists in their kitchens who cannot code, will be able to control their creations by understanding only the basic logic of programming. 

You will not touch one line of code unless you are a super user engineer and would like to write your own code - even you will thank us for already saving you so much time with our NODES.

What are NODES? Nodes are the sidebar elements that have already been programmed in order to save you time. The NODES all work with every one of our kits, and you can even mix and match components when you become more skilled.

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In this photo you can see an LED Ribbon pattern in visual programming logic with the NODES sewn together to create a lighting pattern..

What you need to remember is that all that is happening are 1's and 0's being sent around to turn on or off the LED Ribbons to create a repeating pattern. 

The INJECT button starts the process, and then you will be using time to delay lighting from turning off, and direct connections to turn items on. In between the 1's journey from the Inject button to the LED Ribbon, it must change to a 0, which is the signal to the LED Ribbon to turn OFF. The change node helps you do that by changing the 1 to a 0 and sending the 0 to the LED Ribbon.

There is more than one right way to create lighting patterns in Visual Programming language. Below is a video explaining my first program which is different from the photo above which was my second program, with the same effect.

If you cannot see the video above it's because it is located on facebook. You can click here to see the video directly:

Stay tuned as we start to post Tutorials online. Until then - Please kindly promote refer our kits to fashion designers who cannot code. We will be manufacturing in mass the kits during a crowdfunding as soon as we have enough signups.

Thank you for your support!


Anina Net

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